A feeling of exhaustion can be often be seen in the feeling of being totally emptied out of all energy. The least little action during the day requires an effort. You get the feeling you are continually living off your reserves and the situation sometimes leads you to feel weary and think you can’t cope….

Feeling tired

The hectic pace of our society can sometimes lead to us feeling tired at different times of the day. These periods of tiredness may only be short-lived, but they slow us down as we go about our daily lives. Lack of energy and vitality It is quite common to feel tired and to lack energy…

Difficult or restless sleep

Getting to sleep is not always easy, particularly when your mind is preoccupied. Stress, tiredness or a feeling of tension are often the cause of difficulties falling asleep. Non-stop thoughts When you go to bed, you can’t clear your mind of your thoughts. You feel overwhelmed by information of all kinds or you are preoccupied….