Problem of daily concentration

Absent-mindedness and frequent forgetting

You often tend to be absent-minded and to forget the things you have to do. You often lose your things, such as your telephone, your keys, etc.

Our advice

Take the elixir Concentration. It will help you to be more focused and to optimise your memory. This elixir is also recommended when you are feeling out of synch with material reality due to a lack of concentration, attention or alertness.

Day-dreaming when with other people

Your mind wanders all the time and you can’t stay concentrated beyond a certain length of time. Even when you are with friends and having a chat, you drift off into your day-dreams without even realising it, until someone brings you back to reality.

Our advice

Take the CLEMATIS single elixir remedy. This is the basic flower remedy, to which you can add others, depending on what you are feeling at a given moment and on your personality. CLEMATIS will increase your attention span and capacity for concentration. It will also help you not to wander off into uncontrolled day-dreams.

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