You feel the need to be more flexible in the way you deal with the people around you. Your opinions are often outside the mainstream and even though this is a personal choice, you sometimes find the experience painful.

Spirit of contradiction

You find yourself in a continual spirit of contradiction and can’t open up to opinions and ideas that are different from your own. All your discussions are a one-way street and this annoys the people around you. You would like to make progress and to be more open to the views of others.

Our advice

Taking the combination elixir VINE will help you work on a bossy, pushy and domineering attitude. ROCK WATER will also help you to be less narrow-minded and unbending. VINE will lead you towards more openness to exchanges.

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Need to challenge authority

You are in permanent conflict with all forms of authority. You refuse to be part of society or bend to its rules. You lack flexibility and this can involve you in tricky situations. You feel the need to let go and not to be in permanent conflict with authority. Bach flowers will help you to relax and to accept rules more easily.

Our advice

IMPATIENS, HOLLY and VINE are the basic flower remedies, to which you can add others, depending on what you are feeling at a given moment and on your personality. IMPATIENS will help you develop a more flexible attitude and greater empathy. HOLLY will aid you to overcome your feelings of susceptibility and to adopt a greater acceptance and understanding of situations. VINE will help you become more involved in dialogue and leave your bossy and domineering attitudes behind you.

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