You feel vulnerable and over-emotional, and this makes your daily life difficult. Manage your emotions better with Bach flowers. They will help you find the necessary balance to be more in harmony with yourself and to gain greater control over your emotions.

Feelings of inner fragility

Vulnerability often goes hand in hand with a feeling of inner fragility. You are not at peace, and things that usually don’t worry you can suddenly become hard to deal with.

Our advice

Take the combination elixir URGENCY to restore a sense of peace when you have a feeling of inner fragility. You can also take the single elixir WALNUT to help you strengthen and protect your inner space.

Instructions for use

Feelings of insecurity

When you are living through a period of vulnerability, your attitudes and reactions change. Fears and a feeling of insecurity may develop. You can dread quite ordinary situations.

Our advice

Take the combination elixir URGENCY every day until the feeling of insecurity decreases. Use the URGENCY roll-on all through the day as soon as the need arises. You can also take the single elixir LARCH to help you find greater self-confidence.

Instructions for use

Emotional shock

After a sudden emotional shock, such as an accident, or when a tragic event is announced, you experience an inner shock and you feel disoriented. It is as if you were anaesthetised and you can’t pull yourself together. The elixir URGENCY was specially designed to help you restore your emotional equilibrium after a shock.

Our advice

Act at once with the URGENCY spray together with the URGENCY roll-on, to be applied as many times as needed until your calm has been restored. If the feeling of shock continues, take the elixir URGENCY every day until you see an improvement.

Instructions for use

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