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For those who feel anxious, nervous and stressed.


Brandy Bio (99,6%) 40% vol* Extraits aqueux de fleurs, Flower extracts (0,4%) 1/250 : Impatiens glandulifera*, Calluna vulgaris*, Verbena officinalis*, Agrimonia eupatoria*, Fagus Sylvatica.

*Products from organic agriculture

For occasional problems: take 4 drops several times a day, as long as the need arises.

For chronic problems or old disorders, take each day:

• Either 4 drops diluted in a glass of water or a drink, several times a day.

• Or 16 drops added to your usual water bottle.

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je me sens beaucoup plus calme je le recommande
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Stresse, pression, avant une compétition ou des évaluations. Très efficace