Avocado - Good Memory

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Message of Self-Mastery: Mental focus, remembering details, joy in challenging the mind, for exams, puzzles, word games, new projects, greater awareness, attitude of "now I get it", for tracing back to past traumas with clarity, helps past issues to surface to the conscious mind, learning from mistakes

Pattern of Disharmony: Forgetfulness, absent-mindedness, dullness' missing details, going along without purpose or direction, for the "out to lunch" state, "sowing wild oats"

Affirmation: I accept willingly all that comes to me, for all things are divine gifts of love!

Amber flask of 15 ml with dropper.

© 1996 by Lila Devi. Reprinted from The Essential Flower Essence Handbook
Images © Spirit-in-Nature Essences.</P


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