Blackberry - Purity of Thought

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Message of Self-Mastery: Kindness, mental clarity, optimism, seeing goodness within self and others, inspirational, incisive and direct, yet gentle in speech, offended by mistreatment of living things, environmental awareness, for purification, for "sloughing off the old"

Pattern of Disharmony: Negativity, pessimism, sarcasm, cynicism, focus on dark and unkind thoughts with resultant downward flow of energy, fault-finding nature, bluntness, tactlessness

Affirmation: Pure thoughts, like rays of sunlight, penetrate the dust-covered windows of my mind. They fill me with good will toward all.

Amber flask of 15 ml with dropper.

© 1996 by Lila Devi. Reprinted from The Essential Flower Essence Handbook
Images © Spirit-in-Nat


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