Cherry - Cheerfulness

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Message of Self-Mastery: Light-hearted, hope, inspiration to others, seeing the good in everything, optimistic, positive, the ability to make light of difficulties, genuine, soul-stirring laughter, even-mindedness

Pattern of Disharmony: Moodiness, grumpiness, fault-finding, "waking up on the wrong side of the bed", contrariness, ornery, feeling mildly to moderately emotionally out of control, moods of known and unknown origin, for the need to "snap out of it"

Affirmation: I swim gaily on the sea of life, joyfully breasting the dancing waves of bliss!

Amber flask of 15 ml with dropper.

© 1996 by Lila Devi. Reprinted from The Essential Flower Essence Handbook

Images © Spirit-in-Nature Essences.


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