Grape - Love, Devotion

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Message of Self-Mastery: Realization of the inner source of love, purity, loving without condition, demand, or expectation, patience with others' shortcomings, flowing with the longer rhythms in relationships, healthy sexuality, for transcendence

Pattern of Disharmony: Negative emotions such as envy, greed, lust, jealousy, for issues of abandonment, including separation, divorce, or death, neediness, cruelty, loneliness, feeling disconnected, feeling alienated, a noncommittal nature, vulnerability, "sour grapes" attitude

Affirmation: By loving all, I become whole. I need nothing, for I am ever one with Spirit!

Amber flask of 15 ml with dropper.

© 1996 by Lila Devi. Reprinted from The Essential Flower Essence Handbook


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