Raspbery - Kindheartedness

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Message of Self-Mastery: Kindness, compassion, taking responsibility for one's actions, sympathy, benevolence, generosity, for releasing old wounds, desire to help others, forgiveness, the ability to "turn the other cheek"

Pattern of Disharmony: Feelings easily hurt, a touchy nature, for taking things too personally, for when people say hurtful things, over-reactiveness, insensitivity, for lashing out, lacking understanding, blaming others, resentment, bitterness, attitude of "I don't deserve this", unkindness

Affirmation: In kindness I am one with all. The perfume of unconditional love blows through me to touch their hearts.

Amber flask of 15 ml with dropper.

© 1996 by Lila Devi. Reprinted from The Essential Fl


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