N°38 - Willow

When you feel dissatisfied, bitter and resentful.

Helps accept your situation and cope with it, brings forgiveness. 10 ml dropper bottle.

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8,29 €

8,29 €


"For those who have suffered adversity or misfortune and find these difficult to accept, without complaint or resentment, as they judge life much by the success it brings.
They feel that they have not deserved so great a trial, that it was unjust, and they become embittered.
They often take less interest and less activity in those things of life which they had previously enjoyed." Edward Bach - 1935"

Certified organic by Ecocert.

10 ml dropper bottle.


Organic Brandy (99,6%) 40% vol, Plant extracts (1/250) : Willow / Salix vitellina

Recommandations for use

Dilute 4 drops of the Elixir in a glass of water and drink as often as needed.


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Wirich S. le 29/04/2019Exactement ce que j'en attendais, merci !

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