Single Essential Oils

Discover our range of essential oils for a moment of absolute well-being.

Essential oils
Extrait de Jasmin Bio


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Helps to combat digestive discomfort and to stimulate appetite
Price €19.86
Extrait de Jasmin Bio


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Helps regulate the body’s natural defences
Price €16.63
Rose de Damas

Damascus Rose

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Rebalancing and toning properties.  2 ml bottle OUT OF STOCK
Price €142.13
Bergamote Bio

Organic Bergamot

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Calming properties.  Bottle 5 ml
Price €17.01
Citron Bio

Organic Clove

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To keep energy and vitality in cases of great physical or mental tiredness.  10 ml bottle
Price €15.12
Pamplemousse Bio

Organic Grapefruit

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Detoxifying and draining properties. 10 ml bottle
Price €17.96
Géranium rosat Bio

Organic Juniper

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Help with water retention. Bottle 5 ml
Price €15.12
Néroli Bio

Organic Neroli

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Relieves anxiety, depression, and insomnia. 2 ml bottle
Price €94.74
Menthe poivrée Bio

Organic Pepper Mint

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Out of stock Anti-infective properties.  10ml bottle
Price €23.65
Eucalyptus Radiata Bio

Organic Radiata Eucalyptus

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Anti-inflammatory and pain. Relieves rheumatism and tendonitis. Mosquito repellent. 10 ml...
Price €11.33
Ravinstare Bio

Organic Ravinstare

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Respiratory and cleansing properties.  10 ml bottle
Price €15.12