A journey in the heart of well-being and serenity

Anti-stress organic products combined with the expert hands of the therapist  for a deep well-being of body, mind and soul.

This anti-stress ritual releases built-up tensions providing a feeling of well-being and total relaxation.This treatment  is  a unique  alliance between Shiatsu, reflexology, drainage an d Swedish massage techniques.


Lit shiatsu

Shiatsu:  working on localized acupressure system it relieves tensions and eliminates emotional pains promoting a state of pure wellness.

Le Wellsystem Spa

Drainage:  balancing the body energy flows it soothes the spirit and and revitalizes the body

Swedish massage: this massage works on tensions to eliminate muscle pains


Light therapy : helps you to fight against the symptoms of the winter blues by simulating natural sunlight without UV or infrared. Part of the great family of phototherapy using certain light sources (various colors and intensities, laser, etc.), sometimes combined with photosensitizers, to cure all sorts of ailments, particularly skin diseases. Light therapy is to expose very frequently (daily is recommended for maximum effect) to a white artificial light, known as "broad spectrum", imitating the sun.
Its purpose is mainly to treat disorders associated with disturbances of the internal biological clock, as seasonal depression. The main application of light therapy, and also one that is best documented scientifically, concerns SAD.
This syndrome occurs with the approach of winter, with decreasing external light, and has a detrimental effect on the internal biological clock of some people. The origin of this syndrome is unknown. Light therapy is a recognized medical treatment to combat SAD.

Reflexology: working on knots and tensions it balances body and mind energy


The anti-stress treatment ritual encourage deep relaxation and provide a feeling of pure wellness..




Select the treatment you wish to buying among all the hereunder treatments:


Essential Face Relax                                                                                                        
60 minutes : 85 €

Targetting acupressure points, this treatment eliminates facial tensions providing total well-being. It both soothes the spirit and revitalize the body.


Back Express Relax
30 minutes : 45 €


Specific focused anti-stress back treatment for an instant relaxation.


Essential Body Relax
60 minutes : 85€


This massage balance body energy flows for a deep relaxation of body mind and soul

Intense Relax
75 minutes : 115 €


A delightful moment of pure well-being. A delicate yet effective body scrub to regenerate the skin and renew the spirit.


Absolute Relaxation
90 minutes : 125 €


A true stress relief  moment to restore body and mind  balance .A wrapping massage to eliminate tensions.


Extreme Relaxation
120 minutes : 165 €


A blissful experience, a journey in the heart of well-being and serenity. A voluptuous body scrub  followed by face and body anti-stress massage; The epitome of relaxation.



5 sessions of 60 MINUTES
380 €


5 sessions of 30 MINUTES
200 €


5 sessions of 60 MINUTES
380 €


5 sessions of 90 MINUTES
560 €


5 sessions of 120 MINUTES
740 €


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