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Palmarosa Bio

Organic Palmarosa

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Tones the nervous and hormonal systems. 10 ml bottle
Price €12.27
Menthe poivrée Bio

Organic Pepper Mint

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Out of stock Anti-infective properties.  10ml bottle
Price €13.22
Eucalyptus Radiata Bio

Organic Radiata Eucalyptus

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Anti-inflammatory and pain. Relieves rheumatism and tendonitis. Mosquito repellent. 10 ml...
Price €8.29
Ravinstare Bio

Organic Ravinstare

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Respiratory and cleansing properties.  10 ml bottle
Price €15.12
Basilic Méthylchavicol Bio

Organic Sweet Basil

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Digestive tonic and relaxing.  10 ml dropper bottle
Price €9.43
Orange douce Bio

Organic Sweet Orange

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Helps to get happiness and good humor.  10 ml bottle
Price €9.43
Tea tree Bio

Organic Tea tree

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Decongestant and purifying properties.  Bottle of 10 ml
Price €11.33
Santal Bio

Organic Verbena

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Soothes the nerves and relaxes muscles. 2 ml bottle
Price €33.13
Gaulthérie Fragrantissima

Organic Wintergreen...

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Calming and soothing , anti-inflammatory and analgesic.  10 ml bottle
Price €14.96
Ylang Ylang Bio

Organic Ylang Ylang

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Aphrodisiac properties. Helps to let go. 10 ml bottle
Price €18.91
Camomille romaine bio

Romane Chamomile

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Rebalancing , relaxes , soothes. 2 ml bottle
Price €41.66
Santal Bio


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Decongestant and toning properties. 2 ml bottle
Price €42.61