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65,83 €


The mist, also known as fountain or fountain brumisante aroma, based on a completely harmless ultrasound system to turn water into mist. It is mainly used for the dissemination of essential oils and fragrance extracts as its method allows cold diffusion that does not alter the therapeutic oils to exploit them fully.

It also brings a touch of freshness in summer and will play the role of humidifier in winter when the heating dries the air. Her ultrasound system releases negative ions that help to limit pollution of the air in your home.

The device is also equipped with a LED light emitting colored and changing light (color gradient with sweet variation) for a relaxing atmosphere.

Technical sheet

- Material: diffuser white glass and wrought iron foot.
- Contents: a basin, a foot wrought iron, a probe kit, visor droplet.
- TRANSFORMER 230V 50 Hz 24V
- Ultrasonic Frequency (KHz): 1700 ± 40
- Water temperature (℃): 0 ~ 55 - Water Spray (ml / h): ≥250

Usage tips

Step 1: Place the nebulizer in its holder and place it all in the middle of the basin. Pass the power cord through the hole in the basin. Firmly rubber seal in the hole for sealing. (You can wet the rubber to facilitate its implementation). Then position the Splash hat.
Step 2: Fill the basin with demineralised water * ensuring that the water level sensor is totally immersed. It is possible to add 3-6 drops of essential oil or perfume extract without alcohol for broadcast directly into the water. The ideal water level is about 2 cm above the water level sensor (small antenna on the top of the nebulizer).
Step 3: Connect the nebulizer to the transformer and place the transformer in a dry place. Step 4: Connect the power transformer and operate the switch. Allow 4 to 6 seconds before the system turns on.

Put demineralized water and essential oils or perfume without alcohol extracts. Some demineralized water trade are not properly detected by the system. In this case, the device does not turn on or works intermittently.

This can also result in a red flash. Just add tap the deionized water a little water to ensure proper operation.


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