For those who live under pressure and hyperactivity.

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For those who live under pressure and hyperactivity. Brings tranquillity, peace of mind and serenity, helps relax.

Based on the following organic Bach Flower essences, prepared according to Dr Bach's Original method and preserved in the finest organic Brandy : Agrimony, Oak, Impatiens, White Chestnut, Pine, Crab Apple, Vervain.

This Elixir has been certified organic by Ecocert.

20 ml dropper bottle.


Brandy bio (99,6%) 40% vol, Plant extracts 0,4% (1/250) : Agrimonia eupatoria, Quercus robur, Impatiens glandulifera, Aesculus, Pinus sylvestris, Malus sylvestris, Verbena officinalis.

Recommandations for use

Dilute 4 drops of the Elixir in a glass of water and drink as often as need.



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