Your child is capricious. He won’t eat his meals and sometimes even throws his food on the floor. He rolls around crying on the floor in public and in the shops when you won’t give him what he wants.

He screams and shouts

Whenever you don’t give him what he wants, your child screams and sometimes even kicks and punches you or rolls around on the ground. Sometimes from an early age a child can have a permanent spirit of contradiction and tries to get his own way all the time.

Our advice

Spray the CONFLICTS treating fragrance in your child’s room. This will help him calm down quickly and soothe tensions. Give him four drops of the ANGER elixir several times a day to help him control his emotions and his anger. Apply the URGENCY roll-on to his wrists to complete the effect of the mist.

He refuses to eat what you give him

He never wants to eat the food you give him. He throws the food and his plate on the floor. He is continually negative and sometimes has tantrums if you don’t give in to him.

Our advice

Give him 4 drops of the LETTING GO elixir several times a day and combine it with 4 drops of the single elixir remedy HEATHER diluted in a glass of water. To help him drink it, you can dilute the elixirs in fruit juice or tea... Repeat the process every day until you see an improvement.