Children are by definition emotionally sensitive. They need stability to thrive. Sudden changes and transition periods can affect them deeply and their behaviour can sometimes change as a result. These kinds of feelings are often linked to a divorce, to a move, to a change of schools or to a period of transition at school or in the family.

Fear of being abandoned during a separation

Situations of divorce often result in a child feeling abandoned. The whole environment of his life is changed, he loses the ties and the bearings he has formed.

Our advice

Give your child the single elixir remedies CHICORY, WILLOW and STAR OF BETHLEHEM. CHICORY will help your child accept to let you go free and take some distance, to loosen the ties that are binding him. WILLOW will aid him to be more open to understanding and forgiveness. STAR OF BETHLEHEM will help him overcome his sorrow following an upheaval.

Difficulty adapting to a new stepfamily

Start off by spraying your house and your child’s bedroom with the URGENCY treating fragranceto give him a sense of greater security in his new family environment. Give your child four drops of the elixir URGENCY several times a day to help him through this period, which may come as a shock to him. To help him drink it, you can dilute the drops in water, fruit juice or herbal tea. You can prolong the effects of the elixir with the URGENCY roll-on. Simple and handy to carry around with you, you should apply it to your child’s wrists and temples.

Moving to a new home

It is never easy for a child to get used to a new place to live. During this period of change, his attitude changes, his results at school may be less good, he seems bored and misses his old house and old way of life.

Our advice

Give your child the elixir remedies HONEYSUCKLE and WALNUT several times a day. HONEYSUCKLE will act on the feeling of nostalgia, while WALNUT will help strengthen and protect the child’s inner space. To help your child drink it, you can dilute the drops in water, fruit juice or herbal tea.