The tree commonly known as the horse chestnut is originally native to regions in, it also in the Caucasus and in areas of northern Greece, however - the tree has been cultivated throughout Europe for a long time now. The tree has flowering spikes that bear flowers on short stalks that are mostly white in color, having yellowish centers that change into red following pollination. White chestnut blooms during the period between May and June. The trunk of horse chestnut is sturdy and straight having several spreading branches giving the tree a rounded shape.

The mind keeps on turning around providing mechanical thinking circles, recurring obsessive thoughts and unceasing introspection.

White Chestnut helps to get rid of obsessions. It provides clarity as well as internal harmony, lessen mental intensity. In addition, this remedy alleviates miserable and worrying contemplation and helps to liberate the mind.

Some examples to use White Chestnut :

- For those who are overpowered by obsessive thoughts.

- Thoughts which worry remain return and circle round and causing mental torture.



Products which Red Chestnut  is present :

Stress Roll-on

- Combination elixirs : Concentration – Sleep - Stress

– Anti-stress Treating Fragrance

- Eau de Parfum Vivacité(s) and Vivacité(s) de Bach body products

-Vivacité(s) de Bach Perfume and Vivacité(s) de Bach body products