The hectic pace of our society can sometimes lead to us feeling tired at different times of the day. These periods of tiredness may only be short-lived, but they slow us down as we go about our daily lives.

Lack of energy and vitality

It is quite common to feel tired and to lack energy at particular times of day. In the early afternoon and early evening, for example, our bodies need to find fresh energy as the day is not yet over and we still need to finish off everything we have to do.

Our advice

Take the ENERGY combination elixir every day when you feel you lack energy. After meals, spray the ENERGY treating fragrance in your workplace to maintain your dynamism. At the end of the day, apply the ENERGY spray directly under your tongue so that you can get through all your work and end the day without feeling tired out. Carry the ENERGY roll-on around with you to reinforce and complement the effect of the combination elixir all through the day. You could use MUSTARD, the basic single flower elixir, to complement the products in the ENERGY range when you are feeling low and lacking in energy due to the onset of winter or during passing bouts of depression at dusk.

Difficulties doing your day-to-day work

Signs of tiredness can be seen when you find it hard to concentrate and to carry out tasks that usually seem easy. Things that might appear quite simple as a rule suddenly turn into a real chore. Tiredness and a lack of energy may well be the explanation.

Our advice

Work in depth on your lack of daily energy levels with the ENERGY combination elixir. When you are feeling weak and your energy is totally exhausted, apply the ENERGY spray directly under your tongue to find fresh vitality at once and to finish off everything you need to do.

Lack of motivation

A feeling of tiredness often goes hand in hand with a lack of motivation. When your day or the week is over, you can’t find the motivation to do all the activities you enjoy and which would help take your mind off things.

Our advice

When a lack of energy takes away all desire or motivation to go forwards, use the combination elixir MOTIVATION to restore your desire to go on and achieve your goals. Use it together with the combination elixir ENERGY to restore the vitality you need to get through this period. You might also use the ENERGY treating fragrance in your living spaces so that you can enjoy a more dynamic atmosphere. Carry the ENERGY roll-on around with you to reinforce and complement the effect of the combination elixir all through the day.

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