A feeling of exhaustion can be often be seen in the feeling of being totally emptied out of all energy. The least little action during the day requires an effort. You get the feeling you are continually living off your reserves and the situation sometimes leads you to feel weary and think you can’t cope.


When you are exhausted, your body and mind lack absolutely all energy. You then have a feeling of dejection and weariness linked to the lack of energy and vitality that your body and mind need.

Our advice

To combat weariness, use the compound elixir DEPRESSION every day until you see an improvement in the feeling of mental weariness. You can complement the DEPRESSION elixir with products from the ENERGY range. The ENERGY elixir and roll-on will restore the energy and mental freshness you need to overcome this feeling of weariness. You could also spray the ENERGY treating fragrance all around you as soon as possible to bring a dynamic atmosphere to your daily life.


Exhaustion often goes hand in hand with the appearance of signs of irritability. Your patience is low and so are your tolerance levels. Keeping calm gets complicated and your reactions can sometimes seem out of proportion.

Our advice

Combat this feeling of irritability with the compound elixir ANGER to work on your emotions in depth and to stave off moments of irritability. When you are feeling extremely irritable, use the compound elixir URGENCY to calm down quickly and restore emotional balance. You can complement the elixirs with the treating fragrance CONFLICTS to soothe the atmosphere and to allow you to restore inner serenity more quickly.

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