You are hypersensitive and have trouble controlling your emotions. You want to be able to regain control and not let your feelings overwhelm you.

Difficulty controlling your emotions

You are hypersensitive and this leads to great difficulty in controlling and managing your emotions. You can be described as a straightforward, uncomplicated person, who takes every event to heart, and you cannot help involving yourself intensely in all the situations you live through or come across. You experience permanent intense emotions and this can sometimes make you feel unhappy.

Our advice

Take the combination elixir URGENCY to manage your emotions better, particularly in the event of a shock. You can combine URGENCY with the elixir remedy ELM to help you gain control when you are feeling overwhelmed by your emotions. If you feel the tears welling up, use the URGENCY spray directly and complete the effect by applying the URGENCY roll-on as many times as necessary.


Hypersensitivity often goes hand in hand with strong susceptibility, which can become a real emotional handicap over time. You find the least little remark or observation unbearable and you tend to withdraw into yourself. Susceptibility is often the sign of a lack of confidence which Bach flowers can help you confront.

Our advice

Take the elixir remedies WILLOW and HOLLY to help you combat your feelings of susceptibility and resentment towards others. They will help you towards acceptance and forgiveness.

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