Do you have a quick temper or difficulties keeping control of yourself? Bach flowers can help you restore calm and serenity in a simple and natural way by working on your emotions.

Difficulties controlling your temper

You get carried away by your anger, which you can neither control nor keep in check. When you get angry, you can’t seem to calm down again. You get so annoyed that you can’t control yourself anymore – and people around you are continually pointing it out to you. You would like to get at least a minimum of control over your emotions when they are really raw.

Our advice

Taking the combination elixir ANGER will help you find calm and serenity. It will help you when you are in a violent or intolerant state, and give you greater control over your emotions and any future fits of anger.

Intolerance towards others

You are intolerant of the people around you and tend not to respect their opinions and points of view. Whenever someone contradicts you, you can’t control yourself and lose your temper.

Our advice

Taking the combinzation elixir ANGER will help you respect and understand others whenever you are feeling annoyed or angry, and at times of intolerance, irritation or excessive susceptibility.

Difficulties calming down

After a fit of anger, it often takes a very long time for the pressure to be released. You can’t seem to let your discontent go and you are continually mulling it over and bringing it up in conversation. You find it very hard to calm down and to get over your resentment, annoyance and bitter feelings.

Our advice

Take the combination elixir LETTING GO to encourage a more flexible approach and open-mindedness about the events and discussions that make you feel angry. Spray the CONFLICTS treating fragrance in your room to help lighten an atmosphere marked by the conflicts and restore peace and calm at times of tension.

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