Little flannel flower - joyful

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This Essence deals with the child aspect in us all. It addresses the expression of playfulness, being carefree and spontaneous joy. It is for people who regard life as a very sombre and serious experience. It is also for children who tend to grow up much too quickly, who take on the troubles of the world and get old before their time. It helps children get in contact with their spirit guides. Its delicate, tiny, white flowers cover the bush with a blanket of colour and white light, yet it is easily overlooked due to its size.

Negative Condition :
denial of the 'child' within
seriousness in children
grimness in adults

Positive Outcome :

Preparation of Dosage Bottles<


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Audrey G. le 25/06/2018Satisfaite par le produit et le délai de livraison que je trouve malgré tout trop cher : cela ramène tout de même le flacon à 26€

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