You tend to be pessimistic and can’t always find the strength you need to see life in a better light. Bach flowers can help restore more positive emotions.

Combat the feeling of being in the doldrums

You are going through a complicated period and for some time you have tended to feel downhearted. You stay on your own and your ideas are increasingly gloomier. This worries you and you would like to recover your dynamism and high spirits.

Our advice

Taking the combination elixir DEPRESSION will help you recover a positive outlook on life when you are feeling low, sad, depressed and over-sensitive. All through the day you can also use the DEPRESSION roll-on to complement the effect of the elixir. You can combine it with the compound elixir ENERGY to restore your everyday mental and physical freshness.

Lack of optimism

Your outlook on life is often negative and you would finally like to look at it more positively. Whatever the events or the new occurrences in your life, you are systematically pessimistic and you only recall the negative aspects. You would like to be able to appreciate life at last and be more positive in your daily life.

Our advice

Taking the combination elixir MOTIVATION will help you take control of your life, and will give you the strength to face up to it. You can combine it with the single elixir remedy SWEET CHESTNUT to foster more dynamic behaviour.

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