The menopause is an important period of transition in your life. It gives rise to changes in your behaviour and your feelings. Bach flowers can help you regulate this period and pass through it with greater serenity.

Hot flushes

The menopause is a fertile period for hot flushes since they are the sign of a major hormonal upheaval. You feel a sudden sensation of warmth spreading over your upper torso and face. These hot flushes are encouraged by such factors as emotion, stress, worry and feelings of anxiety. They mainly occur at night and are a factor in disturbing your sleep.

Our advice

Taking the combination elixir MENOPAUSE will help you overcome these painful feelings and get you through this period of your life. It will help you to live through this period with greater serenity and to adapt yourself to your new femininity.

Low spirits

You have a gloomy outlook on life and have lost interest in everyday life. You may experience such emotions during the menopause.

Our advice

Taking the combination elixir MENOPAUSE will help you getting control of painful feelings at these extreme times. You can combine it with the single elixir remedies OLIVE, to recover your mental and physical freshness, and CRAB APPLE to help you eliminate your unwanted thoughts.

Libido at a low ebb

The recent arrival of the menopause in your life has disrupted your libido. You have felt a lack of desire in recent times and an absence of interest in your partner. The desire has lost its strength…

Our advice

Take the combination elixir MENOPAUSE to pass through this transition period with greater serenity. You can combine it with the combination elixir LIBIDO to promote a return to a more satisfactory sex life.

A feeling of puffiness, swelling

With the passage of time, your body changes, especially during the menopause, and you should pay attention to what you eat or you might easily put on weight.

Our advice

Take the combination elixir MENOPAUSE together with the elixir SLIMNESS to help you free yourself from an obsession with food and to persevere in achieving your goals.

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