Stress is considered as one of the major problems of our century. Everything around you goes faster and faster, and your mind is called on to make constant efforts. Time set aside for yourself is increasingly rare and leads to an accumulation of stress; this can take different forms and can arise from a wide range of situations.

The feeling of living under pressure

You are continually under pressure from life’s various obligations. Your life is hectic and you can’t cope with the stress from the professional and personal constraints of your everyday life. You have to juggle between your career, which calls for a real personal investment, and your family life: you want to pick up your children from school and see them growing up. This hectic pace is exhausting, and the stress is so intense that you can’t hold it in check or release the pressure.

Our advice

At times when stress has pushed you into a corner and you feel that you are getting irritable, use the combination elixir STRESS to restore your inner serenity and to work in depth on the main issue, stress. You can complement the elixir with the STRESS roll-on, to be applied when the need arises. You can spray the STRESS treating fragrance in your workplace or your car after a hard day or in between two activities. To release the pressure and not be overwhelmed by stress, take the combination elixir LETTING GO. This elixir will help you get some distance from daily pressure and restore greater mental calm.


You can’t stand waiting, and run out of patience with your friends, family and colleagues. You are caught up in a situation where everything is going quickly and you don’t have enough time to stop. You would like everyone to go at the same pace as you and you can’t bear even the slightest delay.

Our advice

To overcome periods of over-sensitivity and to avoid letting your stress and your emotions get the better of you, use the combination elixir STRESS to restore inner peace and to work in depth on the main issue, stress. When you are feeling impatient and tense, apply the URGENCY spray directly under your tongue. You can complete the effect with the URGENCY roll-on.

Commuter stress

Commuting, whether in public transport or by car, strongly contributes to your day-to-day stress. In the morning you set off on a real race against the clock to catch your train or the tube, and then again in the evening, so that you can start your second day with your family. The outside world, the tension, the irritation of the other commuters and sometimes the cancellation of your train or tube all considerably increase your stress, particularly after a day at work. The car and traffic jams can also be a source of stress at the end of the day, calling on fresh reserves of concentration.

Our advice

Take the STRESS elixir to work in depth on the issue of day-to-day stress. This elixir will help restore your peace and serenity. It will help at times of hyperactivity and personal or professional tension. When you feel the stress taking hold of you during your commute, apply the STRESS Roll-on to restore peace of mind. You can also carry around a box of Anti-stress Pastilles in your bag. Take one or two pastilles to last out your commute and end the day with a blend of relaxation and efficiency.

When you get in the car, you can spray the STRESS treating fragrance before turning on the ignition. It will help you relax and fight tension. During traffic jams, take one or two Anti-stress Pastilles to help you keep calm and stay unflustered.

Feeling like you want to give up

When stress becomes too intense, you might get the feeling that you want to give up. You would like to throw in the towel, since achieving anything seems impossible and you lose all desire to carry on fighting and going forwards.

Our advice

To make sure that stress doesn’t take away your resistance or push you into giving up, take the STRESS elixir together with the MOTIVATION elixir. Bach flowers will help you overcome a wish to give up and throw in the towel.

Sleeping problems

At times of stress, it is harder to get to sleep. You feel tense and the idea of not getting to sleep only increases the feeling of tension. Your mind is wide awake and you can’t find the mental or physical calm you need to get some rest. Sleeping problems due to stress often lead to you waking up suddenly, and always at the same time.

Our advice

To get deeper and more soothing sleep in times of stress, use the combination elixir SLEEP every day until you feel an improvement. Its Bach flower ingredients will help you get a less fitful and a deeper sleep. Spray the SLEEP treating fragrance in your bedroom when you go to bed. This will create an atmosphere favourable to sleep.

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