The workplace is often a stressful environment. Stress can be short-lasting, like during a meeting, but can also be permanent. The pressures in the world of work are wide-ranging.

Losing composure

Stress can result in you losing your composure. Although you may be ready to face a situation, stress can cause you to lose your composure, and a simple situation can suddenly prove to be something complicated.

Our advice

Use the STRESS elixir every day so as not to give way to daily pressure and to keep control of your emotions. For times when you are in a rush or overworked, carry the STRESS roll-on around with you and apply it whenever the need arises. To keep your composure and your mind clear during a meeting or important appointment, you can use the URGENCY spray to calm down quickly.

Coping with interviews (job interviews and performance reviews) and presentations

Life in a company consists of challenges and projects that can be stressful to manage on a daily basis. The wish to make a good impression and to succeed in interviews and presentations can trigger stress, which is something natural, but which can paralyse us. Coping with this stress will help you stay in complete control so that you are as relaxed as possible during your interviews and presentations.

Our advice

Use the STRESS elixir a few days before your interview or presentation to prepare the big day. When you are working on your preparations, spray the STRESS treating fragrance around you to create a peaceful atmosphere. To maintain your composure and keep your mind clear, use the URGENCY spray just before the beginning of your interviews and presentations.

Stress due to the need to get results and reach targets

At work there are often targets to reach and results to be achieved. These daily pressures are a major source of stress for you and can sometimes be hard to cope with. The pressure can get so strong that you don’t know how to manage it.

Our advice

Take the compound elixir STRESS each day until you feel an improvement. To release the pressure and not to be overwhelmed by stress, take the combination elixir LETTING GO. This elixir will help you get some distance from daily pressures and to restore greater mental calm.

First days in a new company

Beginnings are often difficult in the world of work. Your life takes a new turn and all your reference points and habits change. Suddenly you have to adapt to new practices and you want to show yourself in your best light. This sudden change can be a source of stress that is short-lived, but all the same real, and which you can reduce so that you experience the changes in a more positive way.

Our advice

Take the combination elixir STRESS every day until you feel that the stress linked to your new job is decreasing. You can also use the wellness spray, if possible, in your office and your car on your way to work. In case of sudden difficulties during the day, use the URGENCY spray. You could also carry the URGENCY roll-on around with you and apply it until you feel an improvement and your emotions again take a positive turn.

To take in all the new information in your new job and stay concentrated throughout this transition period, take the combination elixir CONCENTRATION. This elixir will help you stay focused and optimise your memory and concentration. It will help you show yourself in your best light as you take your first steps in a new company.

Tension with your colleagues

The world of work often gives rise to tension with colleagues and managers. Your level of patience falls and your relations deteriorate because the stress is absorbing all your energy and inner resources. You must combat this stress to restore harmony to your workplace once again.

Our advice

Take the combination elixir STRESS every day to gain inner control of day-to-day tensions. If you have an argument or a frank exchange of views with a colleague, use the URGENCY spray immediately and complete the effect with the URGENCY roll-on. To restore calm quickly and reduce tension, spray the CONFLICTS treating fragrance in your office.

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