The period of exams is one that is full of stress and fatigue. Bach flowers can help you live through the revision and exam period with more peace of mind.

Losing concentration

Stress often means losing full concentration. Stress concentrates your energy in negative thoughts and prevents you from focusing and concentrating on what is important.

Our advice

Use the combination elixir CONCENTRATION when you are revising and all through the exam period. To overcome feelings of panic, carry the URGENCY spray and roll-on around with you to calm down at times of panic.

Difficulty coping with tests and exams

Exams and tests often lead to a feeling of stress. The clock ticking away and the difficulties encountered during the exam can give rise to feelings of panic that will only increase your stress. It is vital for you to stay calm and serene if you want to keep all your wits about you.

Our advice

Work on your stress before the exams with the combination elixir STRESS. Use the STRESS spray and roll-on to keep your composure, put your ideas in order and not to give way to panic during oral tests. For written exams, use the Stress roll-on and the Anti-Stress Pastilles to keep calm and manage your time better.

Speaking in public difficulties

Speaking in public is often something tricky for many people. Difficulties of expression or of putting your ideas in order, excessive shyness – these can all hamper your success or the success of your children.

Our advice

To speak in public more easily and to gain in self-assurance, use the combination elixir SHYNESS or CONFIDENCE to work in depth on the issue and express yourself more easily. When you are about to speak in public, use the URGENCY spray so as not to give way to panic and to keep your composure. Complete the effect of the spray with the URGENCY roll-on for as long as you feel the need.

Instructions for use