Feeling tense is a symptom of stress, tiredness or a lack of self-confidence. The tension can be sensed in your attitude by the people around you, but signs of it can also be visible in your body.

Excessive nervousness

Your reactions are often out of proportion or you lose control. You get carried away, to the surprise of the people around you, who don’t understand why you should react in this way. It often happens that you are surprised by your reaction too and you find it excessive.

Our advice

To keep your nerves under better control, use the combination elixir ANGER until you feel an improvement. To calm down quickly, carry the URGENCY spray around with you for an immediate effect, as well as the URGENCY roll-on to be used until you regain peace of mind and your inner balance is restored.

Nervous tension

The accumulation of tiredness and stress can create a state of nerves that you can’t control. Nervous tension can often be felt right from the start, but it can also spread further to become a feeling of physical tension too. You feel the need to express this nervous tension but you don’t know how.

Our advice

If you feel that tension is caused by stress, work on the issue by using the combination elixir STRESS, which will help you when you are feeling tense, under pressure or in a period of hyperactivity. You can also take the combination elixir LETTING GO to help you relax and calm down whenever you feel the tension is too strong. You can also carry the STRESS roll-on around with you in the event of short-lived tension. You might like to keep a box of Anti-Stress Pastilles in your bag or your desk to help soothe inner nervous tension.


Irritability often shows itself in people by excessive reactions of all kinds. The least remark can offend or annoy you. You feel extremely sensitive and the situations that you usually manage easily can suddenly infuriate you.

Our advice

At times when you feel the stress is getting the better of you and you are becoming irritable, use the combination elixir ANGER. Use the combination elixir STRESS to restore inner calm and work on the main issue, stress. Along with the elixir you can also use the STRESS roll-on each time you feel the need. You can spray the STRESS treating fragrance in your workplace or in your car after a hard day.


When people feel tense, they tend to be easily restless. It is difficult for you to sit still without doing anything. You often make sudden movements, so the people around you often say you can’t keep still.

Our advice

To restore calm during moments of restlessness, use the combination elixir URGENCY. For greater efficiency, apply the URGENCY roll-on several times a day. To prevent feelings of restlessness, spray the URGENCY treating fragrancet all around you, whenever necessary, to create a tension-free atmosphere.

Mood changes

Your mood can change easily and quickly in the course of the day. Your mood can even change in the space of a few minutes. From being quite happy, you suddenly find yourself plunged in gloom. These mood changes are a problem for you and you would like to bring them under control.

Our advice

Take the combination elixir STRESS to restore inner calm and to work in depth on the main issue. Then work on your mood changes with the single elixir SCLERANTHUS, which will help bring balance to your emotions.

Daily mood swings

Your mood varies and is unstable to the point that you find it hard to keep the same attitude all through the day. Although in the early morning your mood is good, within a few minutes it takes on a stormier shape. You can’t seem to explain the fluctuations in your behaviour, which you would describe yourself as fairly unstable.

Our advice

Take the single elixir SCLERANTHUS. SCLERANTHUS is the basic single flower, to which you can add others, according to what you are feeling at a given moment and your own personality. It will help you bring balance to your moods and your emotions.

Difficulty keeping to a course of action

Your mood changes make decision-making quite unpredictable and variable. Your decisions and wishes at times of well-being can be totally transformed when you are feeling gloomy or tense. This makes inner balance hard to achieve and causes difficulties in your personal and professional relationships.

Our advice

The combination elixir DECISION will help you adopt a more stable attitude. When you feel that your ideas aren’t clear, you can add the URGENCY compound elixir and roll-on to the DECISION elixir. They will help you keep panic at bay and take well thought-out decisions.

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