Some fears can be considered as panic attacks since they push the person overwhelmed by the fear into totally an irrational reaction where calm thinking is impossible. Often the panic attack arises when people are confronted with a recurrent phobia or in a situation where they are out of their element.

Combat a state of shock

In many people a panic attack can lead to a state of shock. You may be frozen to the spot and incapable of thought or action. You are then completely disconnected from reality and can no longer take any decisions. It is as if you were petrified.

Our advice

In the event of a panic attack, take a direct dose of the combination elixir URGENCY for a fast-acting effect. You can combine it with the URGENCY roll-on, which you should always keep in your bag or within reach in case of a sudden shock. If the state of shock continues, continue taking the combination elixir URGENCY until the effects disappear. You can also spray the URGENCY treating fragrance in your home.

Feeling terrified

Panic attacks often lead to a feeling of terror. People often feel terrified when they are confronted with a situation originating in a deep fear or phobia, such as the fear of crowds (agoraphobia) or the fear of closed spaces (claustrophobia).

Our advice

If you are subject to panic or feelings of terror, work on the issue on a daily basis with the elixir FEARS. Whenever you feel you are losing control, take a direct dose of the URGENCY spray for rapid action. Complete the effect with the URGENCY Roll-on that you should always keep in your bag or within reach in case of a sudden shock.

Nightmares and night-time fears

Your sleep can also be disturbed by nightmares and night-time fears that can often wake you up. Often you wake up with a start and you break out in a sweat. These nightmares are often linked to hidden fears or to a stressful situation you have recently experienced.

Our advice

Take the elixir FEARS to prevent nightmares and night-time fears. You can complete this elixir with the elixir SLEEP so that your sleep is less agitated and more restful. After waking up with a start after a nightmare, you can use the URGENCY spray and roll-on to restore your calm quickly

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