Daily life is marked by recurrent and common fears that can affect each one of us at different times and to different degrees. Bach flowers can help you overcome these daytime fears.

Fear of the future

Uncertainty about the future is a source of fear and anxiety for you. It might happen that you are seized with fear at the idea that an event should occur to overturn your life or that a misfortune might shatter what you have carefully built up. Often the fear of losing everything can lead to this state of deep anxiety.

Our advice

Take a blend of the single elixirs ASPEN and GENTIAN every day. ASPEN will soothe your mind and work to make obsessive thoughts disappear when you have vague worries and premonitions. GENTIAN will help you promote the return of optimistic thoughts when you are feeling pessimistic.

Fear of failure

The idea of failure or disappointment petrifies you to the point where you sometimes don’t dare to undertake new projects. You often prefer not to set yourself a challenge or a project for fear that the result will be a failure. This fear can lead you to stagnate in situations that do not suit you, but which you accept rather than taking a risk… You tend to lack self-confidence.

Our advice

Take the combination elixir CONFIDENCE to look to the future and have faith in your choices and your ideas. You can also take the single elixirs ROCK ROSE and MIMULUS to give you the strength to confront your fears and deal with them.

Fear of commitment

The idea of commitment both in a work environment and in your private life can be a source of anxiety for you. It is also possible that you are someone for whom commitment and stability give rise to feelings of imprisonment. The idea scares you and makes you realise that you have a fear of commitment.

Our advice

Take the combination elixir DECISION when you feel lost in the face of the choices you need to make and can’t make up your mind quickly. The elixir will help you make decisions and stick to your resolutions. Whenever you have doubts, leading to fear or panic, restore a feeling of calm by taking the combination elixir URGENCY directly.

Fear of the unknown

You are not someone adventurous and you are soon worried when you are out of your element. You are often uneasy about meeting people you don’t know and opening up to them requires a real effort. The idea of going to a place or a country you don’t know petrifies you. This fear is inexplicable, and yet completely real.

Our advice

Taking the single elixir ASPEN will calm you down and help towards conquering obsessive thoughts when you have vague fears or premonitions. Add the ROCK ROSE elixir if the fear is very strong.

Fear of death and illness

The idea of falling ill is a real source of fear for you. You are afraid of catching even relatively harmless illnesses and you are sometimes obsessive about hygiene in your home. You are obsessed by the idea of death. Very often you think about what might happen to you. This fear has become an obstacle in your everyday life and prevents you from finding happiness. You try to look at situations so that you can eliminate any risk. You are inside a safety bubble and you don’t dare leave it.

Our advice

Take a blend of the single elixir ASPEN, WHITE CHESTNUT and ROCK ROSE every day. ASPEN will help calm you down and work towards conquering obsessive thoughts when you have vague fears or premonitions. WHITE CHESTNUT will help you get off the non-stop mental merry-go-round, and ROCK ROSE will give you strength and help you face up to reality. It will soothe you at times when you panic at the idea of death.

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