Although many people like animals, some animals can inspire fear in some individuals. Often, the unpredictable side of animals is what makes people feel uneasy. Bach flowers can help you to overcome your fears in the presence of animals.

Overcome your phobia

It is possible that the presence of certain animals triggers phobias in you that you find it hard to explain. These phobias can be dealt with and overcome. The fear you feel around animals often comes from their unpredictable nature. It is important for you, first of all, to restore your self-confidence when faced with this kind of situation and not to let yourself be overwhelmed.

Our advice

Work on your fears using the combination elixir FEARS on a daily basis. In the event of fears or a sudden shock linked to fear of an animal, use the combination elixir URGENCY. You can carry the URGENCY roll-on around with you to restore feelings of calm. You can also take the elixir CONFIDENCE to keep your emotions under control and not communicate your fears to the animal.

Instructions for use