Desire is a feeling that it is sometimes hard to reawaken within a couple. After a number of years, it is not uncommon for people to experience a decrease in desire for their partner.

A passing lack of interest

Relationships often take the form of cycles during which feelings and attraction can vary in strength. The sense of habit that occurs when you live with another person from day to day can lead to a temporary lack of interest towards your partner.

Our advice

Take the combination elixir LIBIDO on a daily basis. Its Bach flower ingredients will help rekindle your interest in your partner and bring a new impetus to your feelings and emotions towards your partner.

Tiredness and stress

Tiredness and stress often lead to a decrease in your commitment and your desire towards your partner. It may be that such states generate anxiety concerning your performance.

Our advice

Take the combination elixir STRESS to release the tension that is hampering you and preventing you from finding pleasure. If need be, you can also use the elixir ENERGY to restore dynamism and vitality. When you feel your stress fading away and your energy returning, you can also take the elixir LIBIDO, if you feel the need, to renew your interest towards your partner.

Emotional incapacity

It can happen that an emotional shock or great changes in your life may lead to a loss of desire or of libido, since emotions and feelings are vital for you to be in harmony with your partner.

Our advice

First, you can take the combination elixir URGENCY to recover from the shock you have experienced. When you feel an improvement and a readjustment of your emotions, then take the elixir LIBIDO to help you return to a more flourishing sexuality.

Lack of self-confidence

The beginnings of a new relationship can be intimidating and destabilising. You doubt yourself and your feel a real lack of confidence. You need to reawaken more positive feelings about yourself.

Our advice

In this case, take the combination elixir CONFIDENCE to feel less intimidated in your relationship and not to set limits or withdraw into yourself through fear of disappointment, together with LIBIDO to make it easier to manage your emotions and be more daring.

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