You feel obvious difficulties in living for the present moment and leaving the past behind you. It is vital for you to learn to make the break and to continue going forwards.

Make the break with the past

Breaking up with a partner is always a difficult and painful experience. You will need to change your habits and not to live in a state of longing for the past. Your thoughts are inevitably concentrated on that person and looking to the future seems inconceivable.

Our advice

Take the combination elixir BREAK-UP every day until you begin to have a greater sense of distance with the past. You can also take the elixir URGENCY, which will help you combat emotional pain and persistent feelings of sadness. You can also use the URGENCY roll-on together with the elixir as many times as you feel necessary.

Renewing enthusiasm for life

You need to nurse your wounds and to give your life meaning again. You have lost your enthusiasm and your vitality. It has become hard for you to smile and to get the most out of life. Since your break up, it is as if you have been wearing blinkers preventing you from seeing the new opportunities of life that have been opened up to you.

Our advice

To restore your enthusiasm and dynamism, first take the elixir DEPRESSION to help you fight against negative and unwanted thoughts. All through the day you can also use the DEPRESSION roll-on. When you feel that your emotions are back on an even keel, nurse your wounds and look to the future with the combination elixir BREAK-UP. It will help you give a new meaning to your life.


Decision-making linked to a separation always gives rise to a great sense of uncertainty. Many questions arise and fill you with doubt. Even when decisions concerning certain situations may be obvious, they can provoke a large number of questions involving you in thoughts that seem to be without end.

Our advice

The combination elixir DECISION will help you find the emotional stability you need to make fully thought-out decisions. Thanks to this elixir you can chase away the doubts that weigh you down and take well considered decisions.

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