Although jealousy can be a proof of love and attachment, it can also be a suffocating expression of your feelings. Jealousy often take root in your own lack of trust and can lead to reactions that you cannot control alone…

Lack of self- confidence

Jealousy is often the reflection of a lack of self-confidence. You tend to depreciate yourself and to find no positive points about yourself. This lack of self-confidence often leads you to false ideas and to make you believe, in particular, that your partner could easily prefer someone else to you.

Our advice

Take the combination elixir CONFIDENCE to restore your strength and self-assurance, which will lead you on towards more positive ideas. It will help restore your self-esteem and be more affirmative. You will then stop running yourself down.

Possessiveness and difficulties letting go

Jealousy often goes hand in hand with unreasonable possessiveness. You are a prisoner to this state of mind and you can’t seem to let go or give the other person your trust. Your thoughts go round in circles and you can’t control feelings that may be ruining your life.

Our advice

In this case, take the combination elixir LETTING GO. This will help you get greater distance and take a step back from the situation. It will also help you to be more tolerant and to have a more flexible attitude.


In a context of jealousy it may happen that you let your anger get the better of you. Your feelings are so strong that your emotions overwhelm you and prevent you from getting the distance you need from yourself and your actions.

Our advice

Take the combination elixir ANGER, which will help restore calm and serenity at times of violence and intolerance.

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