Getting back in shape and losing weight is a process calling on your motivation and emotional stability. Losing weight often goes hand in hand with a range of disruptive states that Bach flowers can help you keep under control.

Lack of motivation

To keep on track with your slimming goals, it is important to arm yourself with motivation. Losing weight is often a slow process that can be discouraging and make you want to throw in the towel. Renewing your willpower regularly and combating the temptation to give up will be vital for you to successfully lose weight.

Our advice

Take the elixir SLIMNESS, which will help you to overcome your cravings and to persevere in reaching your slimming goals. You can also take the elixir MOTIVATION all the time you are on a diet. The elixir will help you to go forwards and to commit yourself actively to your project.

Difficulty breaking with old habits

Your eating habits and way of life change when you go on a diet. The change can sometimes prove to be hard to deal with. It is important to provide gentle support to your body and mind so that this transition is as easy as possible.

Our advice

Take the elixir DEPENDENCIES until you no longer feel any strong or overwhelming cravings. This elixir will set aside your harmful habits.

Loss in confidence

People do not always lose weight immediately when they go on a diet and this can result in losing confidence in yourself and in your dieting method. It is important to maintain your self-confidence so that you don’t give up your diet or give way to doubts.

Our advice

Take the elixir CONFIDENCE, which will help you if you go through a period during your diet when you temporarily lose faith in yourself, with the feeling that you are “useless” or ”you’ll never succeed”. It will help you overcome doubts about yourself and your capacities to reach the goal you have set yourself.

Feeling of tiredness

Dieting is often accompanied by feelings of tiredness. You body is getting used to eating in a different way and your energy resources are reduced as a result. The feeling of tiredness is a brake on your objectives, so it is essential for you to stock up on energy in a natural way.

Our advice

Whenever you feel tired, use the combination elixir ENERGY to help restore your vitality and dynamism, and to pursue the goal you have set yourself. During the day use the ENERGY roll-on as soon as the need arises. You can also use the ENERGY wellness mist at home or in your car when you feel you are lacking in energy and vitality.

Irritability / Tension

Dieting is often a source of irritability. When your body and mind are submitted to a greater level of tiredness than usual, you start to be more sensitive and have more trouble putting up with annoyances. Your patience is at a low ebb and this can push you to give up on your slimming targets. To avoid mood swings and not give up, it is vital for you to recover your inner serenity.

Our advice

At times when you feel a feeling of irritation welling up inside you, take the combination elixir URGENCY to restore your sense of calm quickly. Use the URGENCY roll-on to complement the effects of the elixir.

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