An addiction is an emotional and physical curse that is hard to overcome alone. The addiction to certain products or habits, such as coffee or cigarettes, can require help if you are to find the necessary willpower and equilibrium inside yourself to set yourself free. Bach flowers can support and strengthen your willpower at this time.


When you decide to break a bad habit, a psychological addiction, your body and mind experience cravings that are difficult to control. Resisting temptation is a daily ordeal. Since addictions are often linked to emotional problems, it is important to be able to work on these emotions inside yourself and restore your inner balance.

Our advice

Take the combination elixir DEPENDENCIES, which will help you free yourself from harmful substances and habits; it stimulates your willpower and supports your motivation. This elixir also allows you to break free of unpleasant or painful connections. As a complement, you can take the combination elixir LETTING GO, which will help you get some distance from your obsessions.

Mood swings

Freeing yourself from an addiction or a bad habit leads to mood swings that you can’t control. Unstable moods can be disconcerting and sometimes frightening, and you don’t know how to deal with these changes in your mood. Your loved ones and colleagues often draw your attention to your rapid changes in behaviour and little by little the situation is ruining your life.

Our advice

Take the single elixir SCLERANTHUS to help regulate your changing moods. If these mood swings trigger angry behaviour, then take the elixir ANGER to restore your calm and serenity.


The most difficult thing when an addiction has taken hold is to control your cravings and urges. Keeping your self-control calls for mental strength and unbending willpower. Bach flowers can help you find the strength not to give way but to stay motivated and sure of yourself.

Our advice

Taking the elixir DEPENDENCIES will help you free yourself and invigorate your willpower and motivation. It helps you to give up harmful substances and habits, stimulates your willpower and gives support to your motivation. This elixir also assists you in breaking free of unpleasant or painful connections, as well as from situations that hamper your professional and private life. At times when you suddenly lose control, take the elixir URGENCY at once.

You can also take the single elixir CHERRY PLUM alone, which will act on your fear of losing control.

Feelings of guilt

Fighting an addiction inevitably has its highs and lows. When you give in to temptation, you experience feelings of guilt and anger. In this case, it is vital for you to restore your self-confidence quickly and not to let yourself get run down by this lapse.

Our advice

When you feel angry with yourself, take the elixir ANGER. It will help you at times when you lack tolerance towards yourself. You can also take the single elixir PINE, which will help you shed the burden of guilt.

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