You suffer from difficulties conveying your ideas and your emotions. Bach flowers can make it easier for you to open up your emotions and overcome your shyness in a natural way.


Your shyness prevents you from feeling totally fulfilled. You don’t dare express your inner feelings and this is often a source of personal and professional disappointment. Shyness can prevent you from living your life and your desires as you might wish. It is important that you should be able to overcome the obstacles that are standing in your way.

Our advice

Taking the combination elixir SHYNESS, with its Bach flower ingredients, will help you communicate your emotions and feelings.

Fear of speaking in public

Speaking in public or in a group of people is a real challenge for you. Joining in a conversation and speaking up seems like a difficult obstacle. You never dare to impose yourself or speak when your turn comes. It may even happen that when your turn does come to speak, you imagine that your ideas will not be well received by others.

Our advice

Take the combination elixirs SHYNESS and CONFIDENCE. SHYNESS will help improve the way you communicate both in public and in private. You can also take the elixir CONFIDENCE to give you courage so that you believe in yourself and your ideas.

Difficulty putting your thoughts in order

Organising your thoughts presents you with problems. When you want to speak in public, everything gets mixed up in your head. The ideas come tumbling out and you can’t seem to give a unifying structure to your ideas.

Our advice

Taking the elixir CONCENTRATION will help you become more focused and will optimise your capacity to organise your ideas.

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