Fear of flying, of an accident occurring – you suffer from a phobia whenever you travel. Keep cool, calm and collected the day before you leave and during the trip with Bach flowers. They will help you overcome your phobias gently.

Difficulties sleeping the day before a trip

Anxiety and excitement the day before a trip prevent you from sleeping and do not provide the ideal conditions for beginning your trip. You are feeling a little bit stressed and lots of ideas are running around in your head. You see the hours pass by but you can’t get to sleep. Bach flowers can act to help you find the peace of mind you need for a deep, restful night’s sleep.

Our advice

Several days before your trip and the evening before you leave, you can take the elixirs SLEEP and STRESS. SLEEP will help you soothe all the mental activity and the preoccupations preventing you from getting to sleep. STRESS will allow you to release the tension and to calm your excitement, bringing you deeper relaxation.

Fear of flying

Fear of flying often shows itself at take-off and landing. You are frightened by the noise and have the impression the plane lacks stability, giving rise to an anxiety and panic attack that you can’t control. Your anxiety is such that fear grips you even before take-off. It is important for you to channel your emotions and fears so that your plane trips are not a nightmare for you. Bach flowers will help you act on your fears and anxieties.

Our advice

Taking the elixir FEARS the day before you leave will help you free yourself from anxiety and fear. Before take off, use the URGENCY spray and the URGENCY roll-on to keep your fears under control. During the flight, use the URGENCY roll-on as often as you feel the need. You can also take Anti-stress Pastilles to restore calm and serenity.

Imagining potential catastrophes

You often link planes with the idea of accidents in your mind. Your emotions and thoughts are obsessed by the idea of a range of accidents that could occur during the flight. You need to recover your serenity and free your mind of all these negative thoughts. Bach flowers can bring you the peace of mind you need to help you have more positive thoughts.

Our advice

Take the elixir FEARS the day before you leave and on the day itself directly underneath your tongue. If you find your thoughts and your imagination triggering a panic attack, use the URGENCY spray to calm down quickly. You can complete the effects of the spray with the roll-on to be applied as many times as you feel the need.

Instructions for use