The period of exams calls for a great deal of energy and concentration over a fairly long period. Bach flowers can help you maintain a high level of concentration.

Difficulties concentrating at school

Your child day-dreams and can’t concentrate beyond a certain length of time. This is a real handicap at school. You child can’t focus his or her attention on a subject and is easily distracted.

Our advice

Give your child the CONCENTRATION elixir, to help give him more focus and increase his attention span.

Difficulty staying concentrated during revision

Heightened concentration is often the key to the success of your revision. This concentration can be disrupted when you are stressed or tired. It is vital for your body and mind to be on form for your concentration to be at its best.

Our advice

To revise successfully and keep your mind alert, spray the ENERGY trating fragrance in your room or the place where you are revising. It will help you work in an atmosphere full of dynamism and vitality. If you feel that the stress is making you tense and is preventing you from concentrating correctly, take the combination elixir STRESS until the end of the revision period and even during the exams if need be. You can complete the effect of the elixir with the STRESS roll-on. At the same time, take the combination elixir CONCENTRATION to help increase your concentration and your capacity for memorisation.

Loss or lack of concentration during exams or tests

During the exam period, your mind is continually solicited. Keeping your concentration at this time is vital but also difficult. It may happen that your ideas are no longer clear and you let your mind wander off while you should be fully concentrated. You might also feel the need during your driving test, for example, to concentrate more fully and manage your emotions.

Our advice

Taking the elixir CONCENTRATION will help you stay focused and make the best use of your memory to reproduce what you have learned on the day of the exam. To keep your mental freshness, you can also take the OLIVE elixir remedy. If you feel your emotions getting the better of you or suddenly overwhelming you, then use the URGENCY spray for an immediate effect. It will help you restore the calm you need for optimal concentration.

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