Your sleep is too light and is often interrupted or filled with night-time fears… Your nights are fitful and your sleep is hardly restful at all. You need to get some deep and peaceful sleep. Bach flowers can help you find balanced and restful sleep naturally.

Light and frequently interrupted sleep

Deep sleep at night is vital for your body and your mind to stock up on the energy you need. The slightest noise or light wakes you up and puts an end to sleep. It is important for you to get deeper and restful sleep for you to recover fully. Your sleep at night is fitful and you are frequently woken up. These breaks in your sleep prevent you from getting a complete night’s rest.

Our advice

Take the elixir SLEEP every day until your sleep at nights improves in quality. To encourage deeper and more restful sleep, spray the SLEEP treating fragrance around your bed before you go to sleep.

Nightmares and nighttime fears

Your sleep can also be disturbed by nightmares and nighttime fears that may often wake you up. You wake up with a start and you are sometimes also prone to cold sweats at night. These nightmares are often linked to hidden fears or to a stressful situation you have recently experienced.

Our advice

Take the elixir FEARS to prevent nightmares and nighttime fears. You can take it together with the elixir SLEEP so that your nights are less restless and more relaxing. If you wake up with a start after a nightmare, you can use the URGENCY spray and roll-on to calm down quickly.

Changing the clocks

Twice a year we change the clocks. This change can have consequences for our sleep. Your biological clock is disrupted and your sleep patterns can be disturbed. Changing the clocks can have the same effect on you as jet lag and can lead to feelings of tiredness.

Our advice

The elixir SLEEP will help you to regulate your organism and restore the sleeping patterns you have lost. In the event of tiredness caused by lack of sleep, use the ENERGY elixir and roll-on during the day to keep going until the evening and recover your old sleeping patterns.

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