Children and sleep

Children waking up at night is a recurrent problem for all parents. Sleeping all through the night is essential in a child’s life. When bedtime becomes difficult and he doesn’t sleep well, Bach flowers can act to help make your child’s nights more peaceful.

Difficulties sleeping

Although before your child slept all through the night in a normal way, now bedtime has become a difficult time (you have great trouble putting him to bed) and he often wakes up in the night. Sometimes he gets to sleep, but he is still tired when he wakes up in the morning.

Our advice

Spray the treating fragrance SLEEP in the bedroom at bedtime to create a relaxing atmosphere favourable to sleep. You can also give him 4 drops of the SLEEP elixir all through the day and just before he goes to bed. To help him drink the elixir, dilute it in water, fruit juice or tea. Repeat the process until your child’s sleep is deeper and more peaceful.

Fears at bedtime

Once the lights are out, children can be subject to certain fears. They can be afraid of the dark or the shape of objects that seems to be transformed in the darkness of their room.

Our advice

Start off by spraying the URGENCY treating in the evening in your home and in your child’s bedroom to create a relaxing environment and help him keep calm. You can also give him the compound elixir FEARS to help free him from his fears.

Nighttime fears

Nighttime fears are common in children. They wake up in the middle of the night and ask you to come. Your child cries until you come to see him or he refuses to sleep in his bed and continually asks to sleep in yours.

Our advice

Give your child the elixir FEARS to help give him have more peaceful nights. If a nightmare wakes him up you can also use the URGENCY roll-on to soothe your child’s fears at once and help him get back to sleep.

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