Feeling unwell when travelling

You feel unwell whenever you travel. You can’t bear long trips and often find it hard to overcome jetlag.

Feeling of nausea

You can’t stand taking public or private transport. You feel sick during the trip and even after it is over. You dread travelling anywhere since you know beforehand that you will not feel well.

Our advice

Taking the combination elixir TRAVEL will help you feel better. You can also take the CRAB APPLE single elixir remedy to help you regain your inner equilibrium if you are not feeling on form, queasy or easily sickened.

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Jet Lag

You suffer from jet lag and as soon as you travel to a different time zone, your entire organism is upset. Your sleeping patterns are disrupted and you feel that all your usual habits and rhythms are out of synch.

Our advice

Take the elixir TRAVEL to arm yourself against jet lag and the feeling of disruption to your body clock. If your sleeping patterns have been disrupted, take the elixir SLEEP until you feel that everything is right again. You can complement the effects of the elixir SLEEP by spraying the SLEEP treating fragrance in your bedroom to restore deep and restful sleep quickly.

Instructions for use

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