Children travelling

For children who have trouble putting up with travelling or with different forms of transport. They are anxious even about short trips and often ask you to stop because they feel unwell.

Feeling unwell

This feeling can be shown by a child’s silence, a pale face or nausea…

Our advice

Giving your child the combination elixir TRAVELS will help him fight the feeling of being unwell. You can combine it with the single elixir remedy CRAB APPLE, which will help him recover his inner equilibrium more quickly if he feels queasy, uncomfortable or nauseous.

Difficulty keeping calm

Your child can’t keep calm whenever a trip lasts a long time. He moves about all the time, complains and can’t focus on the things you give him to do.

Our advice

Spray the QUIET CHILD treating fragrance in the car or next to you, if possible (train, plane, etc.). If you can’t spray the wellness mist or if the effect starts to wear off, give your child one or two QUIET CHILD pastilles. They will help him keep calm and overcome his restlessness.

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