You are feeling low and everything seems to you darker than before. You are more sensitive than usual and nothing seems to interest you. You are quite simply depressed… Bach flowers can help you recover your high spirits and dynamism. Emotional fragility During the course of our lives we all go through some periods that…

Obsessive idea

You often suffer from non-stop and even obsessive thoughts that you would like to be rid of. Bach flowers can help you find your mental and emotional calm when you can’t manage to relax. Non-stop thoughts They turn around in your mind and end up becoming really obsessive. You can’t get them out of your…


You tend to be pessimistic and can’t always find the strength you need to see life in a better light. Bach flowers can help restore more positive emotions. Combat the feeling of being in the doldrums You are going through a complicated period and for some time you have tended to feel downhearted. You stay…


A feeling of exhaustion can be often be seen in the feeling of being totally emptied out of all energy. The least little action during the day requires an effort. You get the feeling you are continually living off your reserves and the situation sometimes leads you to feel weary and think you can’t cope….

Lack of motivation

A lack of motivation can result from different factors, such as low energy levels, a feeling of depression or the loss of desire following a change in your life. A lack of motivation often manifests itself in these different ways. Lack of willpower A lack of motivation often expresses itself in a lack of willpower….