Jealous children

Jealousy in children does not show itself in the same way as in adults. Many children can’t bear you giving someone else your attention. They pull at your clothes or do naughty things to attract your attention.

Arrival of a new baby

The arrival of a new baby brother or sister is often a source of puzzlement for the older child. The feeling of being left aside often gives rise to reactions of jealousy.

Our advice

Give him 4 drops of the elixir ANGER diluted in water, fruit juice or tea several times a day. The elixir HOLLY, which is one of the ingredients in the ANGER elixir, helps soothe feelings of jealousy and calms down the emotional tension that a child may feel when a little brother or sister comes along.

He wants your attention

Many children want to be the permanent centre of your attention. They may be unhappy if you sometimes don’t pay attention to them and this can result in feelings of bitterness and frustration in the child.

Our advice

Spray the CONFLICTS treating fragrance in your home and your child’s bedroom. This will reduce tension and will bring about a peaceful atmosphere. Give him 4 drops of the elixir ANGER diluted in water, fruit juice or tea several times a day. The elixir ANGER contains flowers such as elixir HOLLY, which promotes understanding and forgiveness, and WILLOW which encourages acceptance. Repeat the process every day until you notice an improvement

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