Seasonal despondency

You are sensitive to the change in seasons and the loss of light, and you feel your energy levels going down. Bach flowers can help you to get through this period, to stock up on energy and overcome this seasonal despondency.

Lack of energy

The change of seasons often gives rise to upheavals in your organism, which must adapt itself to the changes in rhythms and light. The winter period is often the hardest to get through for you because natural light becomes rare and you lack energy.

Our advice

Take the combination elixir ENERGY to recover the dynamism and vitality your body and mind need to get a new lease of life. When you feel your resistance is low, you can use the ENERGY Roll-on as often as the need arises.

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Feeling low

The change in seasons often goes hand in hand with a drop or a loss in cheerful spirits, particularly linked to the lack of light. Bach flowers can help you keep emotional stability so that you don’t drift off into depression.

Our advice

Taking the combination elixir DEPRESSION will help you recover a positive outlook on life when you are feeling low, sad, depressed and over-sensitive. You can also use the DEPRESSION roll-on all through the day as a complement to the elixir.

Instructions for use


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