Difficult or restless sleep

Getting to sleep is not always easy, particularly when your mind is preoccupied. Stress, tiredness or a feeling of tension are often the cause of difficulties falling asleep.

Non-stop thoughts

When you go to bed, you can’t clear your mind of your thoughts. You feel overwhelmed by information of all kinds or you are preoccupied. Your thoughts go round in circles and you can’t relax or let yourself slowly glide into sleep.

Our advice

Take the elixir SLEEP every day to find a calmer and deeper sleep. Complete the effect of this elixir by taking the combination elixir STRESS on a daily basis to reduce the nervous tension of the day. To prevent your thoughts going round your head and bring peace to your mind, spray the STRESS treating fragrance in your bedroom, which will help you find the calm you need to get to sleep.

Instructions for use

The day before an important event

The day before an important event is often a time of excitement or apprehension. It is common for people not to get to sleep because all their thoughts are fixed on the event. For example, before you go away on holiday or the day before an exam…

Our advice

Take the elixir SLEEP several days before the event so that you can sleep more peacefully and deeply. Spray the SLEEP treating fragrance in your bedroom to encourage deeper sleep. If you feel stressed about the next day, use the STRESS spray and also apply the STRESS roll-on for complete relaxation.

Instructions for use

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