Weak self-esteem

You have a strong tendency to put yourself down and you don’t believe in your own capacities. You need to restore confidence in yourself… Bach flowers can help you stretch your limits and restore greater self-esteem.

Frequent feelings of worthlessness

You tend to put yourself down and people notice it. You don’t know how to bring out your strengths and often prefer to compliment other people rather than putting yourself forwards. It may also happen that you don’t defend your ideas because you think they are not relevant.

Our advice

Taking the elixir CONFIDENCE will help you to feel more worthwhile, restoring your confidence and your self-esteem. When you find yourself feeling worthless and believing you are “useless” or ”you’ll never succeed”, this elixir will restore your self-belief and help you to affirm yourself. WILLOW, PINE and AGRIMONY are the basic single flower remedies, to which you can add others, according to what you are feeling at a given moment and on your personality. AGRIMONY will help you increase your self-esteem. PINE will help you free yourself from feelings of guilt when you fail to achieve something. WILLOW will allow you to overcome bitter feelings and feelings of resentment towards yourself.

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Tendency not to believe in your capacities

You don’t believe in yourself or in your capacities to succeed or to stretch your limits. You think your abilities are limited and that you cannot do any more or go further. You can’t imagine making progress and prefer always to remain confined to your present situation.

Our advice

CENTAURY, CERATO and ELM are the basic flower remedies, to which you can add others, according to what you are feeling at a given moment and to your personality. CENTAURY will help you affirm yourself and believe in your abilities. CERATO will encourage you to affirm your opinions. ELM will help restore your self-confidence.

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